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In 1967, I purchased my first hunting dog followed by my first Springer Spaniel a year later.  I have trained bird dogs and have bred English Springer Spaniels for the past three decades.  I've pursued many varieties of upland game with my English Springer Spaniels.   From Southern Ohio to California, I've successfully hunted Grouse, Pheasant, Quail, Duck and Geese. 

My specialty is in field bred English Springer Spaniels.  I am a hunter and a field trainer having made my first Field Springer, Royal Katie, an Amateur Champion and High Point Amateur Female in 1976. Championed about 35 U.S. and Canadian Field Champions.

We are now training Retrievers, Labs etc. for upland hunting as well as Hunt Test also English Cockers. We will use our 40 years of experience to take your Retriever or Spaniel, including English Cockers to a great hunting dog or hunt test level.

Meet the Latest Field Trial Champion trained by us at Royal Kennels. Congratulations Owner Ray Takmajian.

Fallen Wing's Piasa Belle

Fallen Wing's Piasa Belle

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Personal Accomplishments

Winner 1986
Canadian National Championships
with FTC, CFC
Royal's Best Maggie

Winner 1989
U. S. National Championships
with FTC, CFC
Windbourne's Militant
3rd Place 1991
Canadian National Championships
2nd Place 1992
U. S. National Championships
with FTC, CFC
Windbourne's Classic Design

Martin J. Hogan Professional Handler of the Year Trophy 1992

Dewfield Flicker of Brickclose Challenge Trophy 1992
for National High Point Dog
Danforth Challenge Trophy 1992
Awarded to Outstanding American Bred English Springer Spaniel
2nd Place 1992
National Open Championship
1st and 2nd High Point Dogs - 1992
FTC, CFC Windbourne's Classic Design
FTC, CFC Windbourne's Loyal
Selected Judge 1992
National Amateur Championship
Selected Judge 1994
National Open Championship
Winner 1999
Canadian National Championships
Selected Judge 2000
Canadian National Championships

Inducted to the Bird Dog Hall of Fame
Grand Junction Tennessee in 2005.

Selected Judge 2009
National Cocker Championships

Our Mission

We take great pride in our Field Training of English Springer Spaniels.  Our goal is to help you reach your goal in competition and making sure you get professionally bred pups.

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5073 Shaker Road - Franklin, OH 45005
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